Network Performance Management – The 6 Pillars Of Network Management System

Now that we are in the 21st century, most companies need to have some form of connectivity or another in order to have their business running well. In another word, network management can be the life line of these companies. Can you imagine Yahoo, Google, and eBay going down for a few minutes? Millions of dollars could be lost during those few minutes. As such, the importance of network management in this type of companies cannot be underestimated.In order to understand this better, we have to look at the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) which looks at security management, fault management, configuration management, accounting management and performance management.Security ManagementSecurity Management looks at alerting the personnel when resources are accessed. An example would be emailing or calling the network personnel that a resource is down and needed his attention or sending messages when certain files is accessed.Fault ManagementFault Management is to log, find, and alert the network personnel of problems that will effect the systems operations.Configuration ManagementConfiguration Management is to identify effects on network’s operation after tracking the software plus the hardware on the network.Accounting ManagementThis is to watch and determine the usage of information or resources for billing purposes. A typical company such as a mobile company or internet service provider would need these features in their business operations to bill their customer.Performance ManagementMonitoring, assessing, and adjusting the available bandwidth and network resource usage are tasks that are performed by network personnel as part of performance management system. This is to make the network run more efficiently.In order to have a good system, the 6 pillars of network management need to be implemented by the network personnel in their companies.

2010 – Latest Health and Exercises Craze

Just like any other things in this world that is in constant change, health programs and exercises are not an exception either. Recent trends in 2010 with regards to health and fitness is definitely a worldwide craze. This is because of the different programs available that can fit every possible condition and offer you to have a healthy lifestyle and gorgeous body. Weight training programs and fun exercises that can help you have healthier you while having fun doing it. You sure have at least one option with all these available programs.One of the greatest concerns of every human being is to have a gorgeous looking body especially with all the skinny and well-toned celebrity bodies that we see everyday in our televisions. There are some who would even resort to surgeries and diet pills that can give adverse effects on their body just to have the body that they have dreamed of for years. Some have enrolled to different exercise programs like Cardio and Yoga workouts to give them endurance and peace of mind. There are those that take their chances on these exercises because they are endorsed by celebrities who claimed that they got fit with the exercise even if they did not used the program but just paid to endorse it. That is show business for crying out loud. If you are really serious to have a sexy and fit body, try to read through with some of the newest exercise craze in 2010.• Pole Fitness – This is a sexy exercise, no doubt about that. This has even gained a negative feedback before but it now has become one of the most popular exercises in the world. Events and competitions are happening all over the world to promote the program. This can make your abs, arms, thighs, back and the most important part to develop in all other exercise is your core.You must take note that in doing the pole dance, you should not apply lotion or powder in your legs for it will make you slide down the pole. This exercise has the basics of ballet and jazz and with some acrobatic and gymnastic moves. To someone who is really determined to have a well proportioned body, all of these movements and techniques will be learned and mastered in time.• Hot Yoga – This is a widely known program because it can give you real peace of mind and good balance not to forget of course a healthy and toned body. This exercise has gotten into a new level where pro trainers have decided to make a combination of sauna with yoga. This is now the hot yoga. This is incorporating heat in the exercise. It is either to clothe the trainee with layers of clothing or by making the room hot by turning on the heater. This intensifies the moves and makes the body sweat more which more calories burned. This is training and detoxification in one. Your body will be free of toxins if the same exercise is done 2 times a week.• Pilates – This has gained the world’s spotless program ever discovered. It does not only make you fit but makes your mind functioning great as well. This program involves different complex actions that will boost your metabolic process, firm your muscles and add curves to your body.This is a total body workout that has great effect on your total well-being. It does not target one area alone but every area of your body most especially the core. This involves proper breathing technique and exercises that improve your balance and increase your resistance to rigorous daily activities without feeling tired.• Zumba – Dancing is one of the traditional ways of getting rid of extra fats in the body. This is exciting and fun to do. Who would not want fun? People who love and have passion in dancing especially with Latin music would probably love this kind of exercise. Traditional dances like salsa, cha-cha and meringue are combined to make this Zumba.There is a professional choreographer to start with the moves for you to follow. This is a rigorous training but will definitely speed up your metabolism thus, shed off more calories faster. This program will help you to have a good posture and balance.• Kettlebells – This is a newly introduced trend in the exercise genre. How do you want to see yourself carrying a large iron bowl? Well, for good health’s sake, I would say, that doesn’t matter. The principle is just like using weights but with this kettlebells, it is easy to grip and move with it.This will develop and firms your muscles. This will develop your arms, abs, thighs and even your back. Just by following the instructions, you will reduce the risk of accidents and you would probably lose pounds and have a fit body with proportioned contours on your body. Consult your doctors first and choose the weight that suits you.