Tactics to Add Streams of Income to Your Dollar Store Business

Consistently growing sales and profits is one of the biggest challenges for every retailer no matter the economic climate. In today’s marketplace this is even more challenging. Yet there are some very creative business growing tactics that can yield hundreds of dollars in added sales every month. Don’t make the mistake of assuming this is about adding new items and even additional departments to your already fully stocked store. It is not. The even better news is there are some added streams of income where you can have others do all the work. Like clockwork, you’ll receive a monthly check for your profits. Read on to find out more about tactics to add streams of income to your dollar store business.Income stream tactic #1 is to add an automatic teller machine (ATM) to your business. There are a variety of agreements that can be worked out to make this happen. In all cases you receive some pre-determined fee every time someone makes use of the machine. The even better news is many of those ATM users will be customers in your store who decide to pick up a little extra cash to spend right in your store. In those cases this tactic rewards you two ways – your fee for the use of the ATM and the extra sales made in your store.Income stream tactic #2 is to add snack and gum dispensing vending machines at the front of your dollar store business. If you have windows, place them so they can be seen from outside your store. You’ll be amazed at how many customers and passers-by will put their spare change into a gum or candy machine as they leave. That change can add up to be hundreds of dollars per month.Income stream #3 is to add a kiddy ride in-front of your store. If there’s room and one ride proves to be popular, add a second. Agreements can be reached to have placement of the machine and routine maintenance performed on a percentage arrangement. You can also purchase these machines outright for even higher monthly cash flow. Make sure your demographics support this investment.Income stream #4 is to add novelty item dispensing machines. Placement of the machines is once again critical. Make them as visible as possible from both inside and outside of your store. Once again there are companies that will gladly place machines they own, filled with their products, in exchange for a percentage of profits. They just need that high-traffic space you have to offer inside your dollar store business.Income tactic #5 is to add game machines. Once again placement is important. Remember to consider the music and sounds many of these machines emit as a part of deciding whether or not to add them. As with the other tactics, there are many companies seeking prime space for their machines. These deals generally work on a percentage of sales or profits.Build income for your dollar store business with these tactics. Investigate these options to create new streams of income for your store. Investigate the many options thoroughly before moving forward. In exchange for a little space you can receive monthly income when these tactics are wisely used.To your dollar store business success!

Health and Fitness Facts and Myths Exposed

Just like all other rumors that you might hear there are truths and fictions about health and fitness too. Someone hears something like a great exercise tip at the local gym. Maybe they even didn’t hear it right. But they innocently tell something they know, and another myth is born, again.If the person giving you the tip is one of authority you are more likely to take that tip as gospel. These “rumors” can be harmful especially if the person does not do the exercise correctly. You’ll want to continue reading this article for more facts on health and fitness myths.Would you be surprised to learn that myths exist about treadmill workouts and your knees. It’s been said that treadmills are less harsh on your knees than running on pavement, concrete or asphalt. This is indeed not a true statement. When you run or jog, the force of your weight impacts your knees. Your knees will still experience that impact regardless of surface you are running on.Treadmills may offer some give but they are not going to offer extra support to your knees. Your knees will thank you for making the investment into a quality running shoe. Over extension is another mythical being that goes something like this, if you aren’t feeling the burn you aren’t doing enough. You can feel the effects of a workout sometimes a few days after the activity especially if it’s been a while since you’ve done anything. What we are describing is the experience of millions who get revved-up after years of inactivity and hit it hard. So it can be dangerous if you have been relatively sedentary and decide to get in shape. If you want to avoid this, take it slow, talk to your doctor and you’ll get the best experience.One truth about fitness exercises is they are great for your mental horsepower. In other words, working out helps to make your brain more powerful and operate at a higher level of performance.Research studies have proven that regular aerobic exercise will increase your circulation too. This circulation increase will help produce increased serotonin levels in the brain. The clarity of your brain is another effect of this increased level of serotonin. This is not only fascinating but also a very good thing.You will be more capable of knowing what it truth and what is lie if you take time to do the research. For your own sanity and interest, do this regularly. You’re making the extra effort to exercise, be sure you know how to do it right. The benefits you will reap are worth the extra effort to do the research.

Successful Management – A Few Tips

When it comes to management starting up a business is the easy part, while keeping it running is far more difficult. To guarantee the survival of your business, you need to know all about the seven keys of successful management.1. Successful Management in Egypt: Have a backup plan in order:The business world is a dynamic one. It is full of changing factors that are in continuous evolution. So as part of this world you need to give your business a head start, it is a requirement in business management to always think five steps ahead of your current situation. The best method of management is to keep a conditional state of mind; keep thinking about the possibilities. Preparing yourself to deal with different scenarios will speed the ability of your management team to react correctly to the sudden changes in the market.2. Successful Management in Egypt: Make sure new hires fit with their organization:In Egypt, you have many highly promising prospect employees, but few are qualified to be on your team. Management is not about hiring the best there is; it is about hiring the people who fit with your business and its vision. When it comes to your business management, you want to have the right employee on board who will add to your business and take it to the next level.3. Successful Management in Egypt: Even when business is good, keep looking for new opportunities:The main target of management is to take a business from one success to the next; which requires having the business up-to-date with the latest there is in the market. Consequently, management is not only about what is good today, but about what is good tomorrow as well. The Egyptian market is a growing one, and to stay among the survivors in the market your management needs to follow the lead of successful organizations by keeping an open eye set on the future and preparing your business for it.4. Successful Management in Egypt: Recognize when it is time to cut your losses:The real test for any management is not what it does when the business is booming; it is what it does when things turn tough. It is the way a manager deals with tough decisions that define him as a successful one. There will come a time when you need to cut your losses, this might mean taking decisions you do not like. The ability to take the right (though hard) decision is an essential element of successful management.5. Successful Management in Egypt: Do not Overlook Special teams:A successful management understands that its business might be the best today, but tomorrow a new product could take the business’s spot as the best. Management should know better than to allow the ego of its members to cause the business to become complacent. The market is a harsh place to be, where the survival is for the fittest. So do not let your ego make you underestimate the strength of your competitors.6. Successful Management in Egypt: Figure out what motivates each employee:It is known that Egyptians are sentimental by nature. Your management team is made of sentimental members, so you always need to remember that sentimental motivation is more likely to get you better results than financial ones. To be a successful manager in Egypt, you need to know your team and know what kind of motivation would get you the maximum out of each member.7. Successful Management in Egypt: Knows when to go for two:Successful Management in Egypt is all about quick and correct decision making, a decision made one minute too early or one minute too late; can cause multimillion businesses to fall apart. Always be prepared, the best way to do so is to predict and prepare scenarios so that when the time comes you know the right thing to do.