The Failure of Creative Thinkers in Using the Network Marketing Platform

I have been in (and out) of Network Marketing since 1988. In those many years, I have been successful (and not so successful) to the level that I chose for myself and my family. What I have found out about myself in my years in this business model, is that it is a passion in my life!However, I have also discovered something else. I have discovered that I am a creative thinker/entrepreneur, and as such the rigors of the traditional Network Marketing platform make success for me (and other creatives like me) more difficult than for others who don’t suffer from uncontrollable urges to be creative. You see, creatives were born to look at every situation in life and see ways to make it more fun, more efficient, and/or better (Remember the BASF commercial, “We don’t make the product we make it better, stronger, etc.”). The problem with this genetic mindset is that it doesn’t fit well with the highly regimented salesman, talk to three people a day about your business, mentality of the traditional Network Marketing company training.So, what’s a creative thinker like me to do? How can a creative entrepreneur with a passion for the Network Marketing business platform find a way to build a successful business without being trapped by the “traditional” Network Marketing “just show more plans” method of doing business? How can we unleash our creative minds and build exciting businesses that provide for our personal definitions of success, while being a benefit to our primary companies bottom line?I think that there are five things that a creative thinker needs to do to find both personal happiness and success using this powerful business platform:1. Find a primary company that embraces your sense of creativity. Not all MLM companies appreciate the ideas of the creative thinkers in their ranks. I once sat in a meeting of leaders with one of my most successful incursions into the Network Marketing arena and listened to the business owners tell us that they didn’t care what we thought about some changes being made. They (the owners) were in charge and the decisions about they changes had already been made. We were invited to the meeting just to be informed about them, not to comment or to suggest any changes.2. Find an upline leader that understands and appreciates your uniqueness as a creative thinker. My upline sponsor and I have a great relationship. She knows both who I am and how I think and has determined to support all my “crazy ideas” in the development of my business. Finding someone who will allow you to be you in the building of your business while still providing assistance and leadership is a rare thing. Find the one who will be on your side and help you build your business, not just focus on theirs!3. Find a product/service that really turns your crank! If you are not excited about what your primary company sells, your creative thoughts will be overwhelmed by the “ho-hum” attitude you have about the products/services you are trying to promote and sell.4. Find people to work with who also have a creative bent. I love working with other creatives! The energy of sitting with someone else whose mind is always looking for what works best is powerful and invigorating for me. When you work with creative thinkers, all you need to be is a resource, providing needed support for their way of doing things.5. Find your place in this world. What I mean by this is that traditional Network Marketing can become an all-consuming thing very easily. Making money being recognized as a leader has a tendency to do just that. Make sure that your life means more than just how much money you have in your bank account and how many people you have in your organization. Be a real leader and use your position to help change the lives of the people in your organization while, as Steve Jobs once famously said, making “a dent in the universe.”Once you have begun this journey you must challenge yourself (and those who join you) to create a leadership team that will work as an organization of creative entrepreneurs, helping each team member to create successful businesses based on their skills, their plans, and their definition of success. In order to do that, you will have to break the traditional Network Marketing rules by allowing people to build their businesses their way and you will have to teach your leaders/team that building a successful business is not something that comes as easy as “just showing more plans.”This way, we creative thinkers can build businesses successfully using the Network Marketing platform as our business model of choice. Come on in, the water’s fine!!